Lusso The Winter Nights Tanning Balm Ritual – Shower


Winter Nights Tanning Balm | Winter Nights Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar | Exfoliating Mitt

Dive into a tanning experience that mirrors the serene and mystical charm of winter nights with our Love Your Skin Winter Nights Tanning Balm Ritual. This exquisite set is meticulously curated, enveloping you in luxury as you prepare for a night of elegance and allure, with a tan that whispers sophistication.


Winter Nights Scented Tanning Balm

Indulge in a sensuous tanning ritual with our Winter Nights Scented Tanning Balm, a luxury edition release exclusively for those who seek the best. This silky balm glides effortlessly onto your skin, leaving behind a subtle, mesmerizing scent reminiscent of serene, snowy evenings. The formula not only bestows a captivating glow but also hydrates, leaving your skin feeling sumptuously soft and radiantly prepared for the enchanting winter nights ahead.

Winter Nights Scented Tan-Be-Gone Shower Bar

Revolutionise your tan removal process with our innovative Winter Nights Scented Tan Removing Shower Bar. Imbued with the seductive scents of winter, this shower bar lovingly eliminates traces of tan, ensuring a gentle and refreshing cleanse. It transforms your shower ritual into an experience of luxury and care, preparing your skin for new tanning adventures or the soothing embrace of your bed.

Exfoliating Mitt

For a tan application and removal process that’s seamless and professional, our Premium Exfoliating Mitt is an indispensable tool in the Winter Nights Tanning Balm Ritual. Crafted with a texture that’s ideal for exfoliation, revealing skin that’s polished, refreshed, and ready for another adventure under the winter sky.