Advanced Nutrition Programme Youthful Glow



  • Skin Omegas+ 180
  • Skin Collagen Support  60


  • Recommended for anyone +25 years who is concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity and dull complexion. 
  • Excellent for clients already enjoying savings of the Skin Omegas+ 180
  • Perfect upgrade for clients of Skin Omegas+ 60 

This gift set from Advanced Nutrition Programme contains a combo of supplements to elevate your anti-ageing routine.  

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This gift set contains:  

Skin Collagen Support (60) 

This supplement can help to support your skin’s collagen production, which can slow down as we age. It contains a blend of vitamin C to provide antioxidant relief, zinc to help with the production of collagen and methylsulfonylmethane, which is a form of organic sulfur which can enhance collagen bundles and restore the foundation for healthy skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and perfect for providing another dimension to your anti-ageing skincare routine.  

Skin Omegas (180) 

With additional vitamin A, the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Omegas+ is the perfect companion to your skincare regime. It contains optimum levels of EPA (an important omega 3) along with GLA (an important omega 6) made from Evening Primrose Oil. Ideal for bringing moisture and hydration back to the skin as well as feeding your skin with the omegas that it needs. It’s suitable for all to mix into their routine. 

This gift set is perfect for all seeking to give their anti-ageing skincare routine a boost and to bring some top notch supplements into their life.